In January of 2017, a group of 4 women inspired over a thousand people to join them on their run from Harlem to Washington DC. This event raised over $100k for women’s reproductive rights and inspired a movement that led to our first Brand Ambassador Team, National Summit and State Chapter Events in August of that year. These state events fostered amazing connections across the country and raised an additional $50k for Planned Parenthood. Using footage from the DC run, we created a documentary that premiered at the Women in Sports Film Festival in Oakland and went on to screen in a dozen cities.

Taking the learnings of that first year to heart, we rolled into 2018 with renewed vigor and dedication to empowering people to effect change. Together, with our new Brand Ambassador team, we poured our energies into the Midterm Run, a grassroots campaign to support progressive candidates in key states. From our National Summit in the spring and through our new Brand Ambassador education platform, we worked to help educate and inspire our communities to engage in voter registration drives, runs and conversations. In September, we hosted a week’s worth of events designed to get out the vote. The 2018 midterm elections proved to be historic, with record high voter turnout and as we close out the year, we are pleased to report that 11 of our 20 candidates are heading to their new offices in Washington DC.

Now, as we train our eyes on 2019, our goal is to build sustainable communities that help empower people to be the change they seek. In order to do this we have refined and expanded our Brand Ambassador program, so that team members can select the level at which they wish to participate. We have developed an incredible partnership with The Pursuit Series, so that Ambassadors and friends can come and engage with us in a unique and impactful way. We even built a new online store, so that Ambassadors and friends can show their support by wearing apparel and accessories.

Most importantly, we have built out a corporate structure that will allow us to grow, adapt and bring the mission of Run 4 All Women to communities around the globe.